Is Fine-Tuning Down Again?

Been stuck at “Created fine-tune” for ages. Tried cancelling and restarting too. No queue or cost, just stuck at that message.

Anyone else running into problems with fine tuning?

fine-tuning is working OK for me; but it is very slow (as normal) to change status from “pending” to “success” after submitting.

irb(main):26:1>  x=20000
irb(main):262:1* while x >= 1
irb(main):264:1* # statements to be executed
irb(main):265:1*   m = ( - 1674274282)/60
irb(main):266:1*   x = x - 1
irb(main):268:1*   status = client.finetunes.list["data"][5]["status"]
irb(main):269:1*   puts "#{m} minutes: #{status}"; break if status == "success" 
irb(main):270:1*   sleep 30
irb(main):271:0> end
99 minutes: pending
99 minutes: pending                                                        
100 minutes: pending                                                       
100 minutes: pending