Is ChatGPT Plus using DALL·E 2?

Hello guys, I am a ChatGPT Plus user. For the past 5 days, I have been noticing that when I create images, the quality isn’t good with DALL·E 3, but earlier it used to give very good quality images. But now what’s the problem with ChatGPT? First, only 2 images are created and on top of that, the image quality is also bad. By image quality, I mean the detailing in the image is not good (example - it doesn’t make the character’s eyes properly, the facial structure is bad, it doesn’t create the image background properly). Guys, what’s the issue going on? I also used Bing image creator and even there the image quality being produced is similarly bad, whereas it used to create good images before.

Guys, are all of you also facing this problem these days?