Strange images in dall-e-2 api

Make a professional shiny illustration for a blog post titled: Patient Handling Course and Manual Handling Course

When I write this prompt in dall-e-2 api I get strange irrelevant images like this

But when I write the same prompt in chatgpt 4 chat I get nice image like this

Same prompt in the API showing another strange photo!

Simple answer: ChatGPT Plus uses DALL-E 3.

With API, you have to go out of your way to make the more expensive requests to DALL-E 3.

(I’m currently getting API timeouts with dall-e-3 as model, even with my doubling of all httpx timeout parameters from the OpenAI Python library.)

DALL-E-3 on API and ChatGPT will also rewrite the prompt for you. Your prompt sent to Dall-e 2 is poor, without description of the imagery to be constructed, and tries to get the AI to do what it can’t do: write text.

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Thanks a ton! didn’t realize dalle2 is that awful! What a difference!