Is chat gpt api is free ? For new account

in my old account the credits expired and i created a new account and then create api key but its not showing free credits how to get free credits ? is it available or not ?

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You only get one free grant when you open your first account, subsequent accounts do not get a free allocation. I think that would lead to abuse with people creating lots of accounts and never paying for the service.

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ok, it means when we new account from different devices then we get free credits ?

I don’t know the details of the system used to detect duplicate accounts, all I know is that it seems to work pretty well.

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I dont know what this is about, but if your creating an API for python and your thinking it is free, it is not.
The ChatGPT API is cheap, at less than a penny per 1,000 tokens for most of them, but it still costs money

if i set paid account then from my account money gets debit ?

I dont know what you’re saying, that’s not really English. lol.

Uh, but basically, yes, you have to pay. There is no way around it except using an entirely different program trained on entirely different parameters, like GPT4All, which is free, but you need a really powerful machine.

I am saying that if I set up a paid account, then how will the money be debited?

The money will be debited through a credit card. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

how much money will debit, thats what i trying to ask

I created account from other device as well but still didn’t get free credits

if your using the same email you won’t get free credits

What model for the API are you using? GPT-3.5-turbo, or davinci-003, or any of the others? Each has their own price.

davinci-003 and DALL·E I am using these two

Currently, DALL-E charges $0.02 (USD) for an image that you need to have a pixel resolution of 1024 x 1024. Meanwhile, an image with a pixel resolution of 512 x 512 is set at a price of $0.018. Lastly, a picture with 256 x 256-pixel resolution will cost $0.016 in total

For Davinci-003
$0.1200 / 1K tokens
So, 0.1200 every 1,000 words.
Each complicated word, like Overcomplication would be 2 tokens.

Davinchi-003 is $0.02 per 1k tokens, not $0.12 (that is the fine tune price)

Oh, yeah, I had a tab that was open on fine tuning, I guess I accidentally used that.