Is anyone else having issues with the API currently?

GPT-3 is not returning any results via the API. Is this an outage or is there an issue with our app?
We didn’t really deploy a new build today, so can’t see how this can be an issue from our end. But at the same time, no outage is reported on the OpenAI chat widget either.

Does anyone else have an issue?

It seems to be working, however, the responses are a bit ‘off’ today I think.
For instance, when I asked for a list of submarine movies it usually provides the typical list of well-known submarine movies but in my first attempt at that all the responses were not about submarine movies at all. Then when I tried some other things and then came back to the same request for a list of submarine moves, this time I gave me the expected list. Maybe it’s just not feeling good today. hehe

Thanks for the response. Are you using their API or just the playground?

I am calling the API via a C# program

I had issues, too, but I discovered that my free initial credit terminated on 1st November. Don’t know it that’s the case for you, too.