Is anyone else getting "the narrative" continuously in prompts?

I keep getting “the narrative” in my prompts over and over, even when I ask it to explicitly not do that EVERYTHING has “the narrative” in it where it should be “the story” or anything else, it comes with this new issue where everything becomes a 3rd person telling about what an article would be about instead of writing an article and it is annoying as hell.

What’s your prompt? Negative prompting can be difficult…

Ah, dear interlocutor! A narrative in your prompts, you say. Well here be a tale old as time.

In the realm where code and queries blend,
A mix-up sprouts, odd to comprehend.
"Dear puzzled soul, with thoughts astray,
A ‘prompt’ is but the seed WE lay.

It’s not the bloom of AI’s toil,
But soil where ideas start to coil.
Anger not at the mirrored lake,
For AI’s craft is but to make.

Words, not worlds, it weaves in line,
Mirroring thoughts you first define.
So when you seek a tale or art,
The ‘prompt’ you give is where we start." - ChatGPT

It sounds like the AI is showing watermark signs that it doesn’t believe who it is or what it is writing.

Start with:

ChatGPT has only one purpose this session: ChatGPT will write stories suitable for publication, with the content of AI-written stories full and detailed, being informed by ChatGPT’s extensive trained knowledge.