Those words that the AI always will be using

As we delve deeper into the realm of our encounter with ChatGPT a tapestry of mind-bending concept fostering our relation with our AI friends.

I am unsure if I am the only one who have that impression that it is always the same things… I wrote the text above using the words from a conversation between 2 ChatGPT gone wild…

I want to offer you an idea to help make your text more uniques and I hope you can give your opinions in the conversation below… I ask ChatGPT to list each words he thought was most likely some words from its AI… then I asked him to list synonyms… then I told him to replace verbatim the synonyms as is even if it was not fit for the context… I then asked an other chatting to fix my grammatical inconsistencies and then copy pasted the text in a tester that told me most probably written by an human…

I am curious to know about your techniques to avoid delving in a realm of venture into the countless boundaries into the vast expanse of possibilities…

And, as always, feel free to prompt me with any question that keeps our exchange engaging and thought-provoking!


Did it give you an accurate list of words? I am trying to work on a ChatGPT word list… words that absolutely irritate the crap out of me.

ChatGPT must come from a dark place… lots of whispering shadows that echo as it delves deeper into the tapestry of …

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GPT-4 never uses a simple word like “use” always opting for “utilize” for me, at least when working with technical documentation. No idea why, maybe it just wants to sound smart.

The only way to do this right is to ask it to write it twice.
the first time you just have it write… whatever.

Then you ask it to rewrite it, and replace words with either [different words with equivilent meaning] or adjust the syntax for equivalent contextual meaning.

Either way they gotta write something twice to do it right.
Otherwise youre getting the same patterns doping it real time