Introducing, version 0.205, now includesTTS, DALLE-3, translation. Vision coming soon, come check it out!

Hi I am the creator of I’ve been working on and constantly updating my website that pulls together a number of technologies and APIs to try and create an immersive, unique AI interface and companions.

The website is built in nextJS with vercel and postgres. I would love to get suggestions about the direction and possible use cases that people might have for such an app? I’ve recently added a translation and planning to add whisper voice integration allowing realtime voice to voice conversations (in testing now), Vision and more.


  • Voice enabled chatbots with unique custom characters and avatars.
  • Fast TTS by GoogleTTS and incredible high quality voices by 11labs.
  • Text Translation in any language (Full range of TTS voices in over 100+ languages coming soon).
  • DALLE-3

Planned updates

  • Vision
  • Full multilingual voice supports (100+ languages)
  • ?? I feel like there are a huge number of potential applications by combining these technologies in unique ways so any suggestions and feature requests welcome

Cool project!

I personally would say it lacks a bit UI/UX, but you’re doing great so far!