Integrate ChatGPT Subscriptions for Third-Party AI Services

Feature Request: Enable ChatGPT Subscriptions for AI Functionality on Websites


Currently, many websites offering large language model (LLM) functionality are expensive and often simply serve as wrappers for OpenAI’s services. The cost of these services often does not justify the value they provide, especially when users need to access multiple websites, leading to accumulated expenses. To provide more affordable and seamless access to AI functionalities, it would be highly beneficial to allow users to utilize their existing ChatGPT subscriptions for AI services on third-party websites. This could be achieved by linking their OpenAI accounts to the respective services through OAuth or similar authentication mechanisms. Consequently, the AI usage on these websites would count towards the user’s existing ChatGPT subscription limits, eliminating the need for additional costs.


  1. Cost Efficiency: Users will save money by leveraging their existing ChatGPT subscription without incurring additional charges for using AI functionalities on various websites.
  2. Seamless Integration: Users will have a more unified experience across different platforms by utilizing the same subscription.
  3. Enhanced Accessibility: Broader access to AI services for a larger audience by reducing the financial barriers.
  4. Justified Costs: Users can avoid unjustified costs that pile up when needing to use several websites that essentially provide the same OpenAI functionality.


  1. OAuth Integration: Allow users to link their OpenAI accounts with third-party websites via OAuth. This secure authorization method will ensure users can grant necessary permissions without sharing sensitive information.
  2. Usage Tracking: Develop a system to track the AI usage on third-party websites and count it towards the user’s ChatGPT subscription limits.
  3. API Management: Ensure that the API keys provided to third-party websites are used strictly for their intended purposes and are not abused.

Open Questions:

  1. Security Measures: How can we ensure that the API keys linked through OAuth are not misused by the third-party websites for unintended purposes?
  2. Usage Limits: How should usage be monitored and managed to prevent potential abuse while ensuring fair access to AI functionalities?
  3. Open Standard: Should an open standard be created so that other AI services could use the same mechanism, ensuring broader and more consistent access across different platforms?

Proposal for Discussion:

I invite feedback on the proposed feature, particularly focusing on security measures to prevent misuse of API keys and strategies for effective usage tracking. Additionally, input on potential challenges and solutions for seamless OAuth integration would be valuable.

Thank you for considering this feature request.