Insufficient_quota error after raising limits and waiting 12h+

I hit an insufficient_quota error yesterday after hitting the budget specified for our organization. We set up a new project and new budget for myself, and my coworkers can now use the chat completions API, but I’m still seeing an insufficient_quota error today. How o I resolve this?


Hi there and welcome!

Do you have sufficient credits in your API account?




And here’s the budget:


Credits expire. Are you not showing the expiration date?

The 429 error lets you know there’s a problem. :slight_smile:

Indeed. Plus the bar being green is not an indication whether you actually have credits left. You would see such a green bar also if your credits are zero but have not yet technically been expired.

For example, under balance if you see $0.00 / $10.00, it means you have no credits left.

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My coworkers, who are in the same org, are not having any issues. It doesn’t seem to be an expiration date issue:


Did you set up your key with all the right permissions?

What is your current account balance?

If any credits, it should reflect here in order to use the API.

Yes, key was set up with all the right permissions and balance was sufficient.

Things appear to be working now - unclear what changed. I suspect some miscommunication with our org admin about our budget settings for the org.

Thanks all for all the quick replies! Definitely helped clarify all the places where we could’ve been running into issues.

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