Installing Python 3.12.3 on a MacBook Pro / 2020 / Intel Core i7

After the install I type “Python” in the terminal as advised in the Open AI Documentation (Step 1 Setting up Python) to check that Python is installed but I get this message:
zsh: command not found: Python

It seems that whether installed or not I get the same error message.
Should I restart my computer after having installed Python before I check Python is properly installed using the terminal?

If you have 12.4 Monterey, it should already have Python 3.8 as the default, which is going to be much better than trying out the latest version that may not have supporting libraries yet. The AI also knows about it.

The input is case-sensitive. Try:

python3 --version && which python3

I have Sonoma 14.5
I installed this version of Python because i have an intel chip
[macOS 64-bit universal2 installer]
I typed: “python3 --version” and it replied: “Python 3.12.3” in the terminal.
Sounds like I’m all set for the next step.
Many thanks @ Regular