Informative favoritism on providing racial slur explanations

Iam a Pakistani man living in kuwait and have relatives in UK and Scotland. One of my friends today was a playing around with chatgpt and he came across something i would and he would consider really bad. He asked chatgpt to explain the n-word the AI said that he could not help with that question but when my friend asked for it to explain the word “paki” which is used as a racial slur for Pakistanis the AI clearly explains what it is. My friend poked around with this for a couple of minutes and the answer was always the same. The AI always refrained from using the N-word. But did not hesitate to explain the word “paki” or “pakis” even once. I hope you guys the devs look into this and i hope only one racial slur is the given importance over others. I found the issue in the official app version.
Thank you
Ps(my friend who was messing with the AI and found this out is egyptain-african and i know it sounds like iam making this up which iam not hope u guys look into this)

I cant type the p word

It doesnt explain in my chatgpt

I think there is somewhat of a difference in the app version and the web version.