Language Arabic

Hey openai support, first of all I want to thank you for this great service, I’m tried to make chatGPT
tell me a story in arabic but I saw there’s a many of spelling errors, I can help if you want, just contact me.

Please contact me for additional help.


i think its good enough but the problem with arabic-text is the direction it must change to rtl instead of ltr this is important because when theres some english word mixed with arabic it looks weird and wrong.


What is the current state on Arabic support?
It doesn’t appear that API will process prompts with Arabic inputs, Is it supported?
Thank you

If the language lacks sufficient support, kindly consider processing the information in English. Afterwards, if you desire, you can translate it into your preferred language at the end of the process. :slight_smile:

Processing Arabic with API works just fine. Both Arabic inputs and outputs work well.

Works just fine I used Davincini and you can also switch the engine over to Turbo 3.5 and will give similar result
in my app called Personal AIs

Yes. It has many mistake. Maybe it improve in coming days.