Infinite loop for human verification I can't find solution to solve it

I’ve been caught in an infinite loop requiring human verification on ChatGPT 4. I’ve attempted various methods like deleting cookies, clearing ChatGPT browser history, refreshing the page, and switching browsers (Safari, Firefox), but none of them can solve the loop.

I used my phone, that also not helped me to stop the infinite looping. Could you help me to solve this problem?

I’m having the same issue. Lol, and when I tried to submit this reply, it gave me another issue.

I feel like this is April Fools Day.

Here’s my Captcha Code for debugging:

Obviously changes each time. I’ve now completed verification at least 5 times. Every single chat I’m prompted. Logged out, cleared cache, nothing working.

I found other community that some people have an issues about this, I think this is Chat gpt’s issue, so I think we just have to wait.

Did this just start for them as well over the last few hours? There are threads in here months old of people reporting this problem…

IDK I just assuming LOL, this is also my first time I am experiencing ;-; …

It’s all over for us. It was a good run.


LOL I paid Chat gpt , I hope this issue fix it soon.

I have the infinite captcha issue. I’ve tried 5 times and am in a loop. This is frustrating.

Any fix?

I cleared the cache, Signed out, and signed back in. Is this a bug?

I can’t find any solution I tried for 2 hours solving this issue, but the only way using chat gpt 4 is use your phone inside of the app, I know computer is much better and easier to use, but this is a potential solution for now… .