Increasing my rate limits

I am trying to create embedding from a PDF document using the text2vec-openai vectorizer. My code is breaking and serving up this error: Failed to store Concept Note.pdf in Weaviate. Error: Creating object! Unexpected status code: 500, with response body: {‘error’: {‘message’: ‘update vector: connection to: OpenAI API failed with status: 429 error: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. For more information on this error, read the docs: [’}]}. How do I increase my rate limit? I am currently on a free tier, and I wish to upgrade to a tier that can handle a medium workload

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If you take a closer look at the message, it doesn’t mention that you exceeded your rate limit; it says you ran out of quota.

go here:
and see where you are with your account limit

then go here: and increase it :slight_smile:

More clearly: The API is not free. You can be in “free tier” because you have never paid OpenAI any money, but still not have any funds to pay for services if you do not have any credits available to spend.

Usage, on the right of the page shows any free trial amount that may have been granted, with the remainder in pink if it has expired:

The billing overview shows you current prepaid credit, which is going to be $0.00 if you haven’t paid there to graduate from “free”.

Hi @Diet when I check this link ( out, I see my usage limit is $120. When I try to increase the limit to $200 using this link I get that I can’t change the limit because it is set to $120. Can choose to move from free tier to tier 1?

If you scroll down a little

It shows you how the tiers work.

If you buy credits (Click buy credits) and qualify in all other ways, you’ll be moved to the next tier.

Sometimes it takes a day or so for it to take.

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Hi @_j I have purchased credits worth S50 and now my balance is $50. Does this make me eligible for an upgrade to tier 1? How long does it take for this change to occur?

Yes a purchase of $50 credit means you should be elevated to tier-1. The start of the month is a busy time for payment processing, so although you may see the credit balance, the actual ability to spend them and the recalculation that comes along may take several hours, as it has the last few months near the start of the month.

You will be able to see that your tier has taken effect also by going to the API Playground, and being able to check that GPT-4 models are also unlocked.

After another 8 days or more, another $5 payment to force recalculation should also get you tier-2 (glad to see below it is now working!).

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Hi @Diet and @_j After I purchased the $50 credit, I was upgraded to tier 2 immediately. My code now works. Thank you very much for your assistance. I appreciate it

Gideon Aswani