Inconsitent Dall-e seed usage with ChatGPT

Hello, since yesterday, I can’t render an image in dall-e with a specific seed. (in ChatGPT). I was able to do it before and i did a custom gpt to work a prompt, having the same seed on each iterations.

Now, ChatGPT say : I’m unable to use a specific seed number for image generation in DALL-E. The seed value is determined internally by the system and cannot be controlled or specified in the image generation process. Therefore, I can’t render an image with the specific seed number you’ve provided.

No matter what I do (force GPT to not revise the prompt, send the api command directly in chatGPT), it doesn’t want to do it anymore.

But strangely, sometimes it works in some session with my custom gpt, sometime not.
I don’t understand what is going on.

Did something change past few days. Do you guys have similar issue or any way to bypass ? Does this limitation exist also with the API ?