Incomplete and repetitive answers

Chat GPT 4 repeats over and over the same answer , jumps parts of te topic questions and ignroes completely and doesn’t produce valuable content.

I’ve been having the same issue for a few days. Is your thumbs-up icon also now gone? Today I noticed that some responses seemed to be missing, though I wasn’t certain. Just a bit ago I had a chat where it started doing the repeat the same answer with slightly different wording, etc., I copy/pasted the chat into a text document, then tried to generate a link and it gave an error. I suspected and found that upon reloading, I could generate a link, and, the conversation was cut off at the end with the option to regenerate due to an error–there was no error in the original chat. Comparing my copy/paste to what it had: a lot was missing, and some regenerated responses were mixed in. Seems to only be affecting a few users, given the few complaints I’ve seen so far.

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