In GPT-4 dialogues,cannot use the "@" functionality to invoke other GPTs tools

Sometimes cannot work in my windows Desk PC, but “@” GPTs works well in my mac and Laptop PC.
What I need to check?

There is no setting to activate the @-mention feature. It appears to be still rolling out.
For example, I don’t have access to this feature yet, at all.

I suppose you have to hang in there and wait.

Thanks for your replying, VB.

Please refer to this picture, you can find “waiting…”
Then @-mention feature not working right.
This only happen in my DesK windows PC.
But if I used it in MAC or Laptop PC, this won’t happen.
I used chrome last version, but Desk PC windowd 10.
Could you please tell me how @-mention feature work then I will check more.

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No problem, but it appears I can’t really help you if this is a bug.
You can try different browsers, clearing the cache and disabling extensions but it could just as well be something on OpenAI’s side.
In the second case, there is really not much more you can do to issue a bug report via and wait for the fix.

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