Implementing Product Listings, Payment Triggering, and Sponsored Content Returns via OpenAI API in a Profile-Driven Chatbot

I am in the process of developing a chatbot for my application. In the application, each user will need to sign in and provide profile information such as location, among others. The chatbot will be integrated with the OpenAI API to handle responses to user queries, and it will be pre-trained on my custom dataset.

I have a couple of functionalities in mind that I am hoping to achieve:

1. Payment Triggering:
If a user decides to purchase a product, I want to trigger a payment process within the chat. Is there a way to facilitate payment processing through the chatbot with OpenAI API?

2. Sponsored Content Returns:
Additionally, is it possible for the API to return sponsored content alongside regular content when relevant? For instance, if a user asks for product recommendations, can the chatbot return sponsored product listings alongside organic listings?

3. Product Listings:
I want to be able to list products within the chat interface. When a user inquires about products, the chatbot should be able to display available products based on the user’s profile information and preferences. How can I implement this functionality using the OpenAI API?

I am open to any suggestions or guidance on how to implement these features while ensuring a smooth user experience. Thank you in advance for your insights and assistance!

The API does one thing and one thing only: it returns a string response based on what you sent to it.

If you want to add payment screens that is completely separate.

If you want sponsored content then include it in your message. How do you select the correct one? You can either token-stuff or build a database for recommendations.

If you want to display new content you need a database that the AI can use to retrieve the relevant data. This is called Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

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Ok, so I did some research. It means I would use LangchainJS for instance, and openai Embedding solution with it ?

Is it possible to trigger actions from langchain, or from a specific request from openai api ?
Anyone has an example ? that would help a lot ! Thank you !

You can try out some cookbooks made by OpenAI to do what you’re looking for:

From what I know, you will have to use the Assistant API and use the functions. You’ll have to code yourself the specific payment part.