Imagine input for UK and EU ChatGPT Plus users has arrived

Plus members in the UK and EU should now find ChatGPT-4 can now accept images as input! Enjoy!


It’s here, but is it truly ready for Europe?

Yes, I rate this response 5/7 baguette’s :baguette_bread:

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Yes, we are going to find a whole host of things it’s super good at like my electronics test and bad at… seems like counting is one


Still not there for me in the UK unfortunately - been refreshing for that and voice for two weeks+ now!

try logging out fully and then back in, if you have Plus it should be up for you now.

Thank you! You’re right its there now!

Does this mean voice should be available on the iOS app too, or is that not linked?

:smile: I wish, no, the two are not connected, they should all be “soon” but different teams, different timelines and unique problems to solve.

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No worries, thanks for the info - I can get some use out of this for now anyway!

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Understandable, I’m sure you’ll have it soon, the rollout has just started for EU & UK, it’s so new that the official help page still says “Not yet available in the UK and EU.” :laughing: