Any update on GPT-4 vision?

Hi folks!

Just wondering about any news or information as to what’s going on with the GPT-4 vision? Can we get some form of an update please?

Thank you!


the paid plans should see it in 1-2 weeks, i am also waiting for it like a small child

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I have access… At least I can go from uploaded image to React code, which suits my needs.

I was also looking around and I had to enable experimental/beta analysis features first. screenshot attached. Then I could make a new type of GPT-4 chat, which had file uploads enabled and did the processing.

Advanced Data Analysis can invoke the opencv library to perform basic OCR and some other image categorisation methods from that library. That is not the same thing as ChatGPT image ingestion, that has it’s own entry separate to the others and has a dedicated image upload icon next to the chat bar, similar, but not identical to the Advanced data analysis tools one.

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thank you for clarifying. guess I don’t have access :frowning: lol

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This just uses Python image processing libraries and is not true GPT-Vision. That is supposedly rolling out over the next couple of weeks.