Images don't seem to load

When asking to present an image, or to get one by itself, it appears as a broken image. Here is an example for asking it to use the image of Chris Pratt from his Wikipedia page:

Anyone else experiencing this? If so, is there a way to fix it?


I’m experiencing the same thing

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The Codex model is more meant for code. Even if it gives you the URL of an image, it might not be an actual image because the AI model does not actually have a way to browse the internet, etc.So, it has no way to “fetch” or “show” an image…

You might be interested in the DALLE2 model which does to text to image…

Hope this helps!

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@cprocketfuel @jayaleem76
Codex will not provide you with a valid image URL. This results in the broken image icon you’re seeing.

You can get Codex to display an image by providing the URL. Here’s a video in which OpenAI’s Greg Brockman shows how to do so.

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Thank you for this feedback. I’ll get right on it.

Although I do have images that would like to use, I will try DALL-E. Thank you.

I am using DALL-E but seems same output broken images
This are 2 output’s