Url from image generation api response not working

Hey, I am trying to use the new Image-Generation api and when I retrieve the json response including the image url which starts as “https://oaidalleapiprodscus.blob.core.windows.net/private/…”, I paste it in browser and I see only xml error saying :

Any suggestions of what could have gone wrong?

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Are you sure you copied the whole URL? It includes the access token at the end part. If you miss some part of the URL you will see this error.

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It only lasts an hour, I believe. It’s in the docs.

Each image can be returned as either a URL or Base64 data, using the response_format parameter. URLs will expire after an hour.

That link is broke (localhost)… works if you swap localhost with beta.openai.com if anyone from @staff is listening. I haven’t had a time to put in a ticket. Thanks…

i received this link from open AI but its showing me an error how can i open this