I'm working on creating a chat bot using GPT

I’m new to coding and having trouble using visual studio code. I’m trying to make a GPT chatbot as kind of like a hobby project to get better at code by diving head one, I have limited experience with python ut chat GPT has been helping me a lot, and I seem to be just constantly running into errors, with NumPy files not being updated? or python being compatible with NumPy? does anyone have any ideas why this is happening could you shoot me a reply?

I would suggest setting up a github repo and post your code on there.
Developer can help you to look at your code and make comments or request as well.
Also, have you tried to ask why your code isn’t working using ChatGPT?

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Hey! Thank you for responding, chatGPT has me running in a circle here lol, but I’ll take the suggestion and upload to GitHub thank you, I’m really new to this and GitHub be hella confusing​:laughing::rofl: thank you Nelson !

For a simple starter project like a chatbot using the OpenAI API you most likely don’t need numpy and I don’t get how you’re getting errors. You only need to install the library itself and that’s basically it.

Yes I agree git is a bit confusing as a starter, but once you get pass a certain point, you will love it.
Good luck, let us know how it goes.

I assume you have found Numphy for Dot net and also SciSharp

These are both Visual Studio libraries for C#

here is the URL if you need it

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