I'm tired of chatgpt-4 modal (Arkose CAPTCHA)

  • I’m already tired of this modal, it appears every time I want to send a message, does anyone know how I can deactivate it, or is it a mistake by the openai.com company, if so, solve it, or just tell me that demand is high, For now I can’t use chatgpt-4, but don’t waste my time all the time, please, (be careful) it’s only in chatgpt-4

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You’re getting more of these because you’re doing things which make you appear to be a bot.

Common culprits are element-blocking extensions and accessing the site through a VPN.

I’ll note, I use ChatGPT all day, every day, and I’ve seen a total of three of these in the entire time they’ve been using them.


negative, this is from today.

OpenAI offers a non-answer: https://help.openai.com/en/articles/8184038-how-openai-uses-captchas-to-verify-humanity-in-chatgpt

But I have an observation:

How many extensions do you have in the way of unfettered browser communication?

The company that provides these uses proprietary methods to determine who is good user and who is user to be tested.


You know what is hilarious about it? Pretty much the only one who will keep using chatGPT despite being asked to solve captcha literally once per question submitted will be positively a bot, because humans will quit when they realize it is once per question. So I marvel reasoning of whoever came up with the captcha idea. Must have been a bot as well.

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How infuriating hitting this for the first time today. Couldn’t figure out how to get past the puzzles, even had two other people look at it. If the point is to alienate real users it does an awfully fine job.

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2nd time I get it in a few days. I give up. Lost a long elaborated request at the same time.

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I saw the Arkose Captcha once. But today, ChatGPT required me to solve 10 Arkose puzzles in a row for each question I asked. That’s insane! I closed the web page immediately.

I swear if I see it tomorrow or the next time, I will delete my GPT account and go to ClaudeAI.

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I’m getting this captcha on every single request now - not using a VPN or have any browser extensions. It’s making it unusable - is there any way to contact customer support?

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You try another day. You try another day.
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It is a complete sentence.

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“My recommendation is that you only show the captcha once, not several times. It stresses me out more than I already do.”

“Calm down, you have to respect, champion. Because the GPT chats are brutal.”

This began happening to me today, once per request.

I’m cancelling my subscription if this doesn’t cease. The product has already degenerated below what it was when I subcribed; I shouldn’t have to put up with this hassle every question.