If some one can help me get this across the

line i have all the code written id be happy to reimburse - its very complicated but simple i need to decide if the jeact django vue orflask and how to consolidate the directory
i need it done ASAP

Some good tips for your post would be to:

  • Explain exactly what your project is.
  • Explain what you need a Developer to do.
  • Explain how much you are willing to pay for it to be done.

Hey I connected with you on Linkedin, still figuring out these forums. - Mick

Are you proficient. I need somebody who can make all the API functions. Pick their calls, it’s A.
Contract Procurement assistant. They can take you and extract information from databases, docu

Indonesia have access to linked in mfa issues email devin@agiledefensesystems.com

We have created solutions for Haliburton, AT&T, RaceTrac, Waffle House etc. I can schedule a call to discuss and scope the project at no cost, where I’d be more than happy to show you our portfolio.

We’ve created FETL AI agents for multiple industries already.

Do you have a 15-30 minute window available tomorrow?

Hey, we no longer allow Job Submissions, please ask elsewhere.