Ideal background for a prompt designer

In your view, what’s the ideal experience/education for someone to work in prompt design? Maybe more of a linguist than a data scientist?

Writers are best. Someone trained in rhetoric, technical writing, literary theory, etc. Ideally a writer with some exposure to tech.


As long as you can make the system understands what do you want it to do, you will be fine. Do experiments, assess, adjust and repeat until you are happy.


I would also say writers. It helps though to be a programmer if you want to make an app from your prompts.


It depends on the use of the prompt. If you’re looking to get a result for instant use, for example you need copy for a landing page.

You can write your prompt in the playground then copy and paste the result and use it. Which means all you need is domain expertise to assess whether or not the copy meets your needs.

On the other hand if you’re building an app you need to understand how the prompt is going to work in tandem with forms, functions etc. so being a programmer would make more sense.