Where to start to learn prompt engineering?

Hello, friends, I am starting my training in prompt creation and want to begin with the basics so I don’t miss anything, and then be able to understand specific knowledge. Can you recommend sources with fundamental information on prompting that contains all the general knowledge?

Thank you.

Best suggestion is to just dive in and see what you get! That’s how all of us power-users started (and had to start, really). When you get an unexpected results, that’s a perfect time to come to this forum and ask more, and we will do our best to help you.
There is no established formula for this stuff; all of us who are more advanced in this have our own little techniques and tricks we’ve picked up ourselves.

If you want more guided examples, you can look here:

Just don’t try to overcomplicate prompting. It’s simply a matter of asking for what you want in the best way possible. Being clear, concise, and as detailed as possible goes a long way.


Thank You, this link is amazing, also I have found learnprompting org, so it is definitely enough to start Prompt education. Also is interesting your opinion about courses and Prompt Engineering education platforms.

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I don’t want to come across as saying they’re bad or anything negative. They’re a great resource, and I’m glad it helps people bring some income in by making some specialized courses, as well as helping out new folks!

I just prefer to think of it like an art, not a science.

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Hi @aleksey.kucher I just wonder if you found your way around. We created a concept called Prompt-Framing about a year ago and implement it with larger firms to drive more productivity. I don’t want to sell you anything but if you are interested in the concept please let me know.

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