Looking for a prompt design expert!

Hi all, I’m looking for an expert in prompt design that could help me on a very exciting project! Feel free to reply to this thread if you or someone you know would be interested!


@un1crom, do you have any recommendations?

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I’d recommend checking out the developer ambassadors

You can sign up for office hours to get help with prompt design questions.


I would be glad to help brainstorm applications and prompt designs.

@joey Is there a formal process to become an ambassador?

I am an academic with start-up experience. Also currently coaching CTOs on their ML journey.


What do you need? I’ve gotten pretty good at writing prompts, and maybe it’s easy and in that case I’d be happy to just suggest. Post more details here or just email me.


yeah. sorry i’m so late to this message. def check ambassadors… but also, the other suggestion that posting descriptions in this community is good. a lot of prompt designs are general concepts that would benefit everyone!

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