Idea: Implement the status.openai for today at the top of this Community Page

I see so many questions and issues being raised in this forum, right when the API is down, or ChatGPT is playing up.

And this community also becomes a venting ground.

How can we change that:

Idea: If there was a way to add the current status of the API or ChatGPT to the top of this page, or a page under Resources etc.

Something like this:

We have this that pops up, and stays up on peoples screens in real-time.


It does not help, you could flash that message in neon lights and play a trumpet sound, it will inform a small fraction of those joining about the current status, but most people do not see the messages when they are looking for answers.

I like that you are trying to look for solutions though :smiley:


There is!

If one checks the OpenAI status page

in the upper right is


The system sends text notifications to a specified phone number upon subscription setup.

Note that while this method isn’t the quickest for issue alerts, it does inform you that OpenAI staff are aware of and addressing the problem.

Since you have two valid answers will be closing this topic.

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