I want to switch back to chatgpt3.5 from chatgpt-4o

The next response will automatically be generated using GPT-4o. It’s as if they want to ensure that you’ve finished your limited requests with the new model first before continuing with the 3.5 version. That’s how I see it.

GPT-4o is extremely slow, for the type of work I do, I really don’t need it! I want to set GPT 3.5 as my default BUT THERE IS NO SUCH OPTION!?

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Yes does anyone know how to switch it at will without it having to generate a 4o response first? Very frustrating!

they disabled the version 3.5 choice

THis is mostly the case when you have content in your particular chat that requires 4o. like pictures and other attachments. it would have been a good exploit if you, using free account, were able to switch to gpt 3.5 and ask in regards to an attachment/file that you’ve sent using 4o’s feature. that’s why you’re mostly locked out

same here, when can openAi fix this??

This change has killed my productivity completely. I tried to switch the paid version, but that also has a limit on 4-o, so I’ll probably experience the same challenge. There is a work around to this but you have to do it for each message and it’s extremely time consuming. But if you need it follow these steps,

  1. Click on another chat. It will show you the message that you have reached the limit and an “x” to close the message. Close the message.
  2. Switch back to your original chat. Type in your message and click on “Get Plus”. Once the pop up comes up, close it.
  3. Now you can click on the lightning symbol and switch to 3.5 and your message will process.

Again, having to do this for each message is so time consuming. I really hope they fix this or just clearly outright state that chatgpt will not be free any longer. On another thought, I recently opted out of allowing my chat for training so I wonder if that has anything to do with this.

btw, I did opt back in to use my chat history for training and things are working just fine (for now). I am now back on 3.5.

Hey @ptap, whenever I want a particular task to do with GPT3.5, I simply switch to incognito, and visit ChatGPT, and I won’t log in. This will make it forcefully to use GPT3.5, instead of GPT4-o for simple things. But one downside is that we will not have it in chat history, for future reference.
I hope the team will listen to this concern, and help us out, by providing an option to change the models, for free tier users.

@akshithpottigari I hope so too. As far as I understand it, even the next tier only gets you 5x as many 4o responses, not unlimited. Therefore, even for pay users this bug will become annoying once they reach that limit. Maybe this doesn’t impact all users so it’s not on their radar? I use the web version on firefox with some privacy related addons.

I used it to help me write a few book-related things. I added some images roughly around a month ago, or something like that, basically when the possibility of the “4o” version was available for use to me, and wanted to continue my work today, only to get a bad surprise, telling me that I need to use the PRO version, or I’ll have to wait for a few hours in order to even continue using it.

I cannot share the chat for some reason nor even switch back to the previous version of the ChatGPT, because it claims that this model does not support attachments, even if I added them only to test the ChatGPT-4o version and then switched back (at least I thought so) to the 3.5.

What’s more interesting, a few hours ago I could easily switch the replies back to the version 3.5, now - all of sudden - the same chat claims that “this model does not support attachments”, even if I didn’t add attachments since last time, so… why am I exactly getting artificially limited and punished? Plus let’s add the fact that the ChatGPT does not inform you WHEN the message was sent or even created, which is also really bad.