I want to build GPT's as a service, but there is a usage cap on gpt4, what do we do?

Hi guys,

I want to start custom GPT’s via my own chatgpt account for my clients. However, there is a usage cap. Especially if i have 10 clients or so that want the chatbot at the same time.

Is there a way to connect your GPT’s to your API key? Or would you guys recommend your client makes a GPT account herself and you just work on there?

Allready great thanks!

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

GPTs are bound to ChatGPT, you can publish a public version of them for anyone to use but they are not available as an API item at this time.

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Aha thanks for your response!

So if one of my client wants a personalised GPT created by us. The best option is to built one on their own GPT account?

Not really built, but definitely billed.
The idea is that GPTs are like an add-on to their account, and usage is attributed to each individual. Technically you can still share your GPTs and save your clients some labour (now if we talk about promo attacking and leaking all your data that’s a different story), but they need their own accounts, and if they use very much they run out of their own quota.

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