I want tap on my JS watch to use android intent to start up the chatgpt apk's voice input, thx


i got a bangle.js v2 smart watch, it can run JS,
it can connect to android’s app gadgetbridge.js (GB) and do “android intent” thru it.

someone already made such a JS for google assistant,
please google github espruino bangleapps gassist your self.

originally i think i simply change the *.apk’s name and i can convert it to use with chatgpt-apk, but seems not that simple.

anyway, i asked gpt4, it say need MORE references from OPENAI for using the chatpgpt APK with android INTENT.

hope OPENAI could help or if others could point that to me,
thank you.

HOW to make chatgpt be the default voice input so it can be elicited by android.intent.action.VOICE_COMM­AND?


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