I paid good money for Dall-e. Am I wrong or is it no longer available?

I can create collections but that is all. I see no way to create images any more.

Seriously, I paid for Dall-e. I see no way to request a refund and no way to transfer any credit to another service.

Apologies if I’ve missing something be you appear to have just taken my money and ran?

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Are you talking about the API? ChatGPT?


Having never given labs.openai.com money, this is what I get:

Updates to DALL·E

We are no longer allowing new users to DALL·E 2. DALL·E 3 has higher quality images, improved prompt adherence, and we’ve started rolling out image editing.

Purchasing new credits was disabled May 1.

If you have a credit balance, I would expect you to still have some method of generating for your money, but it seems like the site is winding down.

DALL-E 2 by API is $0.02 per image, instead of the $0.135 per iimage that the labs site cost when you had to buy 115. So any balance you have lost is max $2 via the API.

It is clear that contrary to the DALL-E 3 announcement, it is not coming to labs “in the fall”.

That’s what I would expect, too. But I cannot find a way. So I have just lost my money. Plus I cannot find any way to contact OpenAI directly.

This does feel like a scam.

I am pondering legal action, just to make a point.

Hello Paul,

apologies for the tardy response.

I am talking about the standard web interface, not the API.

I am guessing the API is still available but I am claiming that that is not the point. I should have been offered a refund or at least some credits.

It feels like OpenAI don’t really care about ripping off their customers, which is what this amounts to.

do you know if it’s possible to sell the account / credits ?