Do I owe money? I didn't notice the API was paid

I didn’t think the API for DALL-E was paid, so I just kept generating in my Python app without realising.

I used my $18 free credits and I used over $150 of credits it seems, but I never have upgraded my account or did it ask for payment info.

Do I owe them now and is there a way for support to help me? I don’t have the money to spend.

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Hi. Welcome to the forums.

For something like this, I would reach out to support on chat.

Good luck!

Hi yes I did but no reply. Aren’t there anyone in my same situation?

Also I reached out to sales. No reply after 3 days

It looks like we are going to have to start a gofund me for leonfresh


Bruh the UX is really bad it never mentioned payment or pricing until you click on stuff in your profile. You literally sign up and get the API key without it ever mentioning premium. Then it never puts a limit when you reached the $18 free credits, and lets you keep spending over the limit, without any warning or anything.

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