I live in China, and network problems plague me

I live in China, I know there is GFW

However, after I crossed the firewall through clash for windows, I still couldn’t use openai-python, even the version of V0.26.5 that I could use last month

I can ping through the network test web(https://ping.pe/) test platform/openai/com , but you can’t ping api/openai/com

This problem has been bothering me for 3 days. Does anyone know what’s going on? Especially partners living in China

Does anyone else have the same problem?

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same problem


@nguyenanhdon.qn @Handsomeboy
It looks like we had the same problem, but I got it solved, and you can refer to my previous posting at:


Yes, CloudFlare has detected either a VPN or a proxy and have blocked.

This is how CloudFlare works. You find a way around it, then it detects the IP address violating its policies, then it blocks again.

It’s a dynamic, changing process. You find a hole in CloudFlare, CloudFlare detects the hole, CloudFlare updates its filters.


it not work for me… Can I contact you with other software?Wechat? QQ?

You can try to make a post request to ‘https://api.openai.com/v1/chat/completions’ using python’s requests library and configure your proxy and request headers wisely. Good luck to free yourself from the torture soon.