I keep running into client disconnected issue when fine tuning a model

[2023-02-22 05:12:20] Fine-tune costs $3.52

[2023-02-22 05:12:21] Fine-tune enqueued

Stream interrupted (client disconnected).

It keeps getting disconnected even after multiple tries. Any advice?

Welcome @irthifakhn7

I’d recommend making a call to the list fine-tunes endpoint. It’ll list all your fine-tune jobs.

I’d also recommend to use search to see if your topic has been covered earlier, in most cases it is.


I am facing the same issue. I tried reducing the training data but still get the stream disconnection. I even looked at the link you posted. When I run that command, I get this:


How do I interpret this?


Hi @sn24

From the data you shared, it seems the fine-tune job is in the queue at the first place and the fine-tune will be starting training. You can call the same endpoint to check if it’s been trained successfully.

Having the same issue despite I tried multiple times, and the batch size is quite small:
trying to fine-tune it using the openAI command lines.

any help is appreciated

Looks like status is pending and it was submitted ~1hr ago? Seems like you just need to wait for it to finish now. There’s been a number of issues with the fine-tuning system lately, including one of the status page right now, so you may need to wait longer than normal.

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is currently showing, just in case anyone missed it.