I got the GPT-4 API, but I the model version is still the snapshot version of GPT-4


I got the GPT-4 and ChatGPT APIs in a few weeks ago.

But, I still obtain the generation results from the snapshot version (“gpt-3.5-turbo-0301”, “gpt-4-0314”) of them when I call the API.

"model": "gpt-4-0314",
"usage": {
	"prompt_tokens": 389,
        "completion_tokens": 61,
	"total_tokens": 450

How should I call the “gpt-3.5-turbo” and “gpt-4”?


What’s your code for calling the API?

You should specify model: "gpt-4"

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Yep, I call the model “gpt-4” correctly. I put the model name (“gpt-4”) in the below code.

response = openai.ChatCompletion.create(

Same issue. Model name used in api calls is gpt-4, but the responses come back with gpt-4-0314

I think if you just put ‘gpt-4’ it will use the latest model. Which will be represented in the response. You can specifically request to use older models if needed (for a period of time). .

@xinort so you mean that even if we just put the “gpt-4”, we get the responses from “gpt-4-0314” because the latest version is “gpt-4-0314” now. Do I understand your reply well?

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Yes, I’m no expert but that is what I’ve noticed.


I have this same issue, however openai has pushed updates to gpt-4 since 0314, at least according to their own service status updates, so the 0314 model is most likely not the latest version of gpt-4.

Is there anyone else who had this issue but has managed to resolve it, and if so how did you do it?

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Did we ever get a verdict on this? I just got access and it is in fact giving me
“model”: “gpt-4-0314”,
“object”: “chat.completion”
That model is almost 3 months old. Anyone figure out how to use the current “GPT4”?

That is the most recent API version of GPT4. See models list

Thanks for the response Novaphil.

Here is what it says.

gpt-4 More capable than any GPT-3.5 model, able to do more complex tasks, and optimized for chat. Will be updated with our latest model iteration. 8,192 tokens Up to Sep 2021
gpt-4-0314 Snapshot of gpt-4 from March 14th 2023. Unlike gpt-4, this model will not receive updates, and will be deprecated 3 months after a new version is released.

GPT-4-0314 is a snapshot and is NOT updated. GPT-4 is updated. How can it be the most recent if it is clearly not updated like GPT-4?

Do you have documentation that says otherwise? It would not list GPT4 as available if it was not available, that’s why I am confused. Also, it is coming up on 3 months, 0314 will be depreciated.

I have no other documentation, but I read that as:

  • gpt-4 is basically an alias for whatever the latest version is. When a new model is released, it “Will be updated with our latest model iteration”.
  • gpt-4-0314 is snapshot. It’s not deprecated after 3 months, it’s deprecated 3 months “after a new version is released.”

So if they release a new model, let’s say gpt-4-0603:

  • gpt-4 would immediately resolve to gpt-4-0603
  • gpt-4-0314 would at that point be deprecated, then removed after 3 months. This allows developers to stick with the old version while they test the new model and adjust their logic/prompts as needed.
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