I can't immediately teach the bot to read information from the website.

I started working on a project with an API on the OpenAI platform, in the python programming language, where I developed an AI robot, called PoliBot, with an interactive interface, which aims to tell information only related to a project, on who do it

In Prompt I told him that he is a volunteer, that he has access to information only from the web address and other details.

I have several tourist locations on the web address… and I want every site with a tourist location to go to it and get information from there.

I explained this to him in Prompt, even the HTML classes where he can find it… but he doesn’t take the web address information I gave him, but I don’t know where.

how could i fix this?

Hello. Do you understand that the standard completion and chat APIs are not able to access the web?

What are you trying to accomplish? What’s your current full prompt? What model and settings are you using?

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