Building a bucket list app

Hello, I’ve recently moved to Berlin and everything is very new. I’m an iOS engineer, so my first thought was to create an app where I could store a link/place’s name and come back to it later. That’s easy to do, but I also thought that it’d be awesome if I could fetch additional info like geo coordinates and opening hours to tune the app and add cool features like recommendations for now and routes to the place. I’m trying to create a prompt where I give ChatGPT a place’s link and it fetches that info for me. The main problem that I’m seeing is that it’s not getting the opening hours straight. This is the prompt I currently have:

Act like your job is to provide me with information about the sites I send you. Every link is for a site, and every site is for a place I want to visit. Information must be 100% correct and you will be able to find everything in the link I provide. I need you to extract Place name, short description (maximum 100 characters), opening hours, city, country, latitude, longitude. The response must be in JSON.

Any suggestions on how to improve it?
Plus, really new to the site, might need some guidance on where to create things

What are you trying to achieve? ChatGPT has no internet access. It only has a limited amount of data stored until September 2021. It may be able to provide information about the contents of a link if the contents were created before that cutoff date and were included in the initial data.

You cannot improve your prompt because the problem you are trying to solve with ChatGPT is unsolvable by default. However, there are two other possible solutions:

  • If you have access to ChatGPT plugins, there is a plugin that can retrieve contents from the internet.
  • You can write your own connector to the GPT-3.5-turbo/GPT-4 API and manually input the contents from your link into a request to the endpoint.