Generating tour content text with ChatGPT Api promt

I have a problem today, I just started with the quick project. The purpose of this project is to develop my tour website, the website writes my tour program, but I want to develop the tour promt with open api key, then after this api, when I enter my website and fill out the form and send a question, I want it to write a tour program with this information so that I can constantly He will have written a tour program for me with little information, without me having to write anything.

It seems something is missing before He will.

How? Can you give me example please

I’m having trouble understanding your initial post. It doesn’t seem to make sense to me, which is why I can’t provide an answer to your question. I suspect that others might also be confused, which is why I wanted to point it out.

I want to develop a prompt that writes a tour program, that is, I will specify the features that the agency wants in the tour through the html form, for example, flight information, hotel, from where to where, how many days, those included in the service, etc. I want to send chatpgt with the html form using open api key and chatgpt will send this information. I want it to create a tour program for me using it. While we spend hours for the content of a normal tour program, chatgpt will write a suitable tour program for us by entering a few information. I have added a sample tour program below. How can I get something like this done?

You are aware that they are different things. ChatGPT is a standalone product that is free and does not use the API.

ChatGPT Plus is a subscription service that will also allow users to create custom GPTs and this can do API calls. But then all of your customers would have to be ChatGPT Plus subscribers to use.

Also if you want to use the API to make a call to a custom GPT then you and thousands others are looking for the same and it does not exist and I would not expect it.

API → ChatGPT :x:
API → custom GPT :x:

It would work the other way around, a custom GPT would use an assistant.

custom GPT with Assistant :white_check_mark:

Hopefully I’ve provided sufficient information earlier in the this post for you to review the details and find the answer on your own.

I noticed that your example of a ‘tour program’ is not included, but drawing from my experience as a former Tour Manager, I can share insights on how I would approach creating a ‘Tour Day Sheet’ for the crew. This is just one method based on my experience and skillset, and not necessarily the only way to do it.

Initially, I would set up a Google Sheet incorporating all the essential information like dates, venues, hotels, and call times. My next step would be to develop an assistant whose sole purpose is to generate a ‘Tour Program.’ This process would leverage a knowledge document, possibly comprising a few sample tour programs, in conjunction with the data entered into the Google Sheet. Essentially, each row of data in the sheet would correspond to a separate ‘Tour Program.’

To automate the process, I might use a tool like Zapier, which would activate the assistant each time a new row of data is added. Subsequently, the system could email or text the crew with the updates. Although it’s been some time since I was actively on the road, and I’m relatively new to developing digital assistants, I hope this approach offers some useful insights for your project.

Actually I means that “OpenAI GPT-3 Chat completion to generate a travel itinerary for a user.”
so how ı can do this

Actually I means that “OpenAI GPT-3 Chat completion to generate a travel itinerary for a user.”
so how ı can do this