I can see the conversation records of others, is there a privacy leak

My OpenAI account allows me to see conversations with others. Even after I change my password and delete all the keys, I can still see them. What is the problem?

You are talking about ChatGPT, the web chatbot at chat.openai.com?

If you see other conversations as a result of others using your account, they’ll remain until you delete them.

You also don’t have a method of ending session on other users, you have to wait for them to time out. Significant security concern for the already security-impaired.

This is maybe the third or fourth in a day with mystery chat history appearing. It could again be a database problem of other account messages appearing for your user interface.

Yes, what I saw was a chat conversation between someone else and GPT, and I had to manually delete it to disappear. What is the problem and how can I solve it?

You leaking your password, by using the same password in multiple sites or having malware on your computer. Then someone else using your account.

Or a bug in ChatGPT.

My password has been reset and has not been used anywhere else since then. I still have the same problem

And when I sometimes have conversations with chatgpt, the system will prompt that someone is currently in conversation, and this is also the case after I change my password.

As I say, you can change the password, delete all the chats, but ChatGPT doesn’t have a way to force the other person off your account until their session times out or expires.

Just refresh, delete, refresh, delete, until they find it too frustrating.

You can write them back some rude conversation topics.