Cross-Context Leakage in Separate Applications Using OpenAI API

I’ve encountered an unexpected behavior with the OpenAI API where the context from one session appears to influence another, despite using different API keys in separate applications. This cross-context issue seems to have emerged following the recent feature updates in the API.


  • When using ChatGPT for certain discussions and then switching to another platform with a different API key, the AI in the second platform brings up topics or continues discussions from the ChatGPT session.
  • In my chatbot tool, which uses its unique API key, I observed responses related to topics from a completely separate session in a VSCode AI assistant extension, also operating under a different API key.

This behavior suggests a lack of proper session isolation, leading to potential data privacy concerns and confusion in user interactions.


  • Is this a known issue or a byproduct of the recent updates?
  • What measures can be taken to ensure isolated contexts for different applications using distinct API keys from the same OpenAI account?
  • Are there best practices to prevent such cross-context interactions?