How to reduce cost of using the GPT Assistant API

I’m seeking clients among small businesses so I need to reduce the cost of using the GPT Assistant API as much as possible. It is for this reason that I’m attempting to encourage discussion of this issue.

IMO you should be focused on the value of your GPT Assistants; not the cost. The way to address the cost is to provide “authenticated timed threads” i.e. threads that expire after a specific time tied to specific small business clients.

Thanks very much for your suggestion about threads. This is the kind of information which I hope that this topic will encourage.

Concerning your suggestion that I focus on the value of what I create instead of the cost, I’m a bit confused. I’m thinking that you believe that people will pay for a thing based on its value. Is this correct? At any rate, I’m glad that you are focusing on the marketing issues because that is what underlies cost issues.

From what I’ve read around, the cost only start piling if you use File Search function. However, if you provide your own File Search function/RAG, how much would it cost?

Currently OpenAI is passing on the cost of every token (input and output) to developers ;if you use the API. Using the API is the only viable way to deliver scalable value to your clients. Therefore as a developer choosing to serve “small” clients, you need to account for every token-in-n-out- and then figure out how the client is going to pay for this (and for you to make money).

Ultimately the customer pay for perceived value. Take the recent example of the gym training that someone posted in the community. If a customer wants to simply have a quick chat with an “agent” about his upper arm strength, then that could be enabled in a pay-as-you-go model. The chat can only last a maximum of three minutes (ofc just an example). That way the potential liability is limited from a developer’s standpoint and one can have a sound business model.

Of course timing the authenticated threads is one technical thing. It is entirely another thing how to consummate the transaction (in context of dimes and quarters) in an economical sense[i.e. you are certainly not going to be able accept credit cards at those micro levels].