I am looking for help to create function calling

I need help in write code build Function calling for assistant openapi, please contact me if you can at [redacted by moderator]

  1. Legal Document Analysis (High Priority): Accurate and detailed analysis of legal documents, including contracts, statutes, and other legal documents.
  2. Search for Law and Legal Information: Search for information from official sources and the internet, using advanced search functions such as searching by keyword and date.
  3. Create Legal Documents: Supports creating legal documents such as letters, contracts, and judicial documents.
  4. Consulting Support: Provides basic information and guidance on legal issues.

Legal Fields: All fields including civil law, criminal law, commercial law, etc.

Language Vietnamese.

Special requirements:

  • Analyze legal documents with a high level of detail and optimal accuracy.
  • Use information sources from the internet when necessary to provide updated and accurate legal data.
  • Responds quickly with the best possible processing performance.
  • Output format: Word file, PDF, or Google Docs, no maximum length limit.
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From my experience so far I think you would be better served by custom logic interspersed with prompts to gpt-4 model via the Completions API.

Curious what others might comment as well.