Looking for help to build function calls $

I would like to hire someone to help me build function calls. I am using a chatbot that has function calling 99% similar to the Open AI structure as it runs off of it. The first one is to Perplexity and then several others to various API end points.

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What type of bot are you building? Is it going to need lots of functions (10+, 50+, etc.)?

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Hey Mike, if any of the information or the things that I provided you in are call today was of value to you. Iā€™d appreciate if you could send a like to this comment and maybe explain to people the types of services that I offer that you found a value or helpful so we can help grow a community of strong leaders and technical achievers in this amazing domain. :sweat_smile:

Hello and apologies for the delayed response! I would be looking for between 10 to 20 functions. These functions would mainly be calling API end points with various companies in the shipping and logistics industry for quoting, booking and tracking shipments. Also, I am using a chatbot called GPT Trainer and they built in function calling that works in a similar manner to Open AI.