Human-authentication to chatgpt

When I first tried to sign up to chatgpt, I got an authentication puzzle which I was totally unable to understand and solve ( I re-applied and got a reasonable one). I would like to know what the meaning of the first puzzle was and how to solve it.

The puzzle consisted of a series of two rectangles. On the left, there were usually a one- or two-digit number and an image. On the right, there were the same number and a few images including one the same as the one on the left. These items were to lleft and above a rectalinear line sort of like a path along regular city blocks, turning at corners. There was a tiny blue blob on the line (After many tries, I realized that the blob was supposed to be a train). The instructions were to place the train on the give (?) coordinates. I finally found the “train” but never the coordinates.

Sorry for the typo: “give” should be “given.”

OOOOOh. I looked at it again and finally figured it out. The images, that are sloppily placed along the right side of the fight box are supposed to be coordinates to be matched with the numbers that are loosely placed along the top of the box.