Why GPT nonsense on Mark the papers

I uploaded my handwritten answer to GPT for correction. First, GPT is not able to solve the AD length. Secondly, GPT randomly mentioned a number when correcting, and then said that the student’s answer was correct. Why is this happening? how to solve this problem?

I’m sorry, I’m not entirely clear what your question is, but this work was definitely, 100% done by a GPT.

  1. GPT cannot calculate the length of AD.
  2. My answer is wrong.
  3. GPT says my answer is correct. And GPT itself did not calculate the correct answer.

I didn’t have any problem getting GPT-4 to solve the problem.

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Thanks for the answer. I found the reason. My native language is not English. When I asked GPT to translate the test questions into English before answering, the answers were correct.

I did not have any problem getting ChatGPT to solve the problem in Japanese.