HTTP 400 Bad Request error is always

I am using chatGPT with genie in vscode but I get the following error and cannot use anything.
I have registered my credit card and paid for it. I have re-created the API key many times and still get the same error. What should I do?

---------------error-text -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
HTTP 400 Bad Request. You may have exhausted your OpenAI subscription allowance or have an expired account. You can clear your API Key from VS Code’s secrets storage with Genie: Clear API Key command. Check your allowance and account’s expiration date here:

You need to make a direct API call and see what the actual account error is, not what is rewritten by someone else’s software. You can test it works in general with the playground.

400 is usually just some sort of “bad request” because you sent improperly formatted messages input or other bad input. If you don’t see a bad request error with a bad request, it is because of bad software in the way.