How to use Embeddings model of Open AI

Hi there,

I am here to ask you that how can we use Embedding model for my case, which is "text-embedding-ada-002 ". I want to use it for my project to create the embeddings of an inputted PDF and save the vectors in Pincone database. I am done writing the program for that but all I am stuck with is making an API call.

I have successfully generated my OpenAI api and and I am able to call it too but failing to get vectors. After intensive research I figured out that I gotta add money to my Open AI api as a balance. But ain’t sure about that how.

So can someone provide me steps on how to pay to use api and then use embeddings model- “text-embedding-ada-002” for my project?

Thank you


Welcome to the forum. Seems like you’re getting close!

Check out the quickstart guide if you haven’t yet. Lots of good stuff.

This FAQ about Billing page is also helpful.

And the docs on embeddings

Hope you stick around. We’ve got a great dev community growing here!

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